Bandung Institute of Technology is located in Bandung, West Java. ITB is ranked or ranked 401 - 410 on the list of the best universities around the world in 2016/2017. While in Asia, ITB is ranked 86. And in the list of technical schools, ITB occupies or is in the top 300 groups worldwide.

Early on, ITB was founded in 1920 as part of the Delft Institute of Technology in the Netherlands. ITB has produced many experts and engineers in the field of petroleum and great architecture.ITB is a state school and always ensures that its alumni will have a very high competitiveness in the world of work. So that makes ITB become one of the favorite destinations for high school graduates or the equivalent.Indeed entering ITB is a difficult thing especially when the selection phase. However, this one school is never deserted by its devotees. so it makes ITB very capable of maintaining its reputaisnya although nowadays a lot of private universities are international scale with a lot of luxurious facilities that appear. ITB's reputation can also be proved by its popularity ranking on the internet which is still in the top 10.For the cost of UKT in the non-business course Business Management (SBM) about 10 million rupiah. While for SBM study program about 20 million rupiah. ..