Universitas Indonesia - Best University no 1University of Indonesia (UI) is a university ranked first in the list of best universities in Indonesia in 2016-2017. The university is identical to the yellow suit and is the oldest university in Indonesia. ">Because UI has been present since 1849.
While in the list of the best universities around the world, the Indonesian university is ranked 325. This ranking has climbed from the previous position which is ranked 358. While in 2016, the Indonesian university ranked 67 in the list of best universities in Asia. 
This University of Indonesia campus is located in Depok, West Java and Salemba, Central Jakarta. In UI, the library is a library that is considered as one of the largest libraries in Indonesia with a book amount of 1.5 million.The University of Indonesia is a state-owned and has managed to maintain its reputation as a school with health sciences and doctors to become one of the reference schools to find the best doctor candidates. In addition, UI campus in Depok is used to accommodate falkutas and other programs besides health.

Usually UI graduates from any falkutas will always be a consideration for companies and government offices who are looking for skilled experts and workers. Going to college to UI is very difficult in the selection stage and the cost is also not cheap. Similar to UGM, UI also treats UKT for its cost per semester. For the undergraduate program, the cost range per semester is around Rp 2,000,000 to Rp 15,000,000. it is also tailored to the courses and courses taken.